Prepaid Fuel Card


CAL Bank Shell Card-Prepaid Applicants

This is a specialized Card designed to give you additional convenience at any Shell fuel station.

The CAL Personal Shell Card,which can be used at any designated Shell Fuel Station across the country, puts you in total control of your fuel expenditure and helps in managing your budget through the periodic statements that are available with the use of the card.

Features of the Card  
·        2 kb microchip card.
·        Each card is personalized.
·        Requires PIN activation to work.
·        Every card is assigned a unique number.
·        Card can be restricted for key and unique clients.
·        Free electronic monthly electronic statements.
·        Convenience of fleet management is also guaranteed.

Benefits to You
·        Guaranteed card security
·        Enables you to budget for your monthly fuel expenditure.
·        Shop at any Shell Mart
·        Your money is secured (even if you misplace your card).
·        Access to Shell’s range of products-Super Extra, V. Power, Diesel Extra etc.

How To Apply For A New Card
·        Simply visit any CAL Bank branch.
·        Complete the CAL Shell Card Form.
·        Provide a valid National Photo ID.
·        Deposit the initial Top-up amount of GHS 50.00.
·        Pick your Card Collection Reference Slip.
·        Pick up your Card & PIN after 5 working days.

How to Collect Your New Card
·        Visit the branch from where you requested the card.
·        Present your Card Reference Slip.
·        Present a valid National Photo ID.
·        Collect your Card and PIN

How To Top-up Your Existing Card
·        Visit any CAL Bank branch to top-up.
·        CAL Bank clients can use the Bank’s Internal Transfer form.
·        Non-account holders can use the Cash Deposit Slip.
·        Funds will be uploaded within 24 hours.
·        Visit any designated Shell outlet to activate funds.

Transacting At Shell Stations/Outlets
·        Visit any Shell outlet with the Shell Card signage.
·        A Pump Attendant would reach for the POS to serve you.
·        Inform the attendant about the Shell product you intend to buy.
·        Hand over your card to the Pump Attendant.
·        Pump Attendant will check the status of your card.
·        Input your PIN personally
·        Carry out your preferred transaction.
·        Retrieve your card and drive away.

Requesting For Replacement Cards
·        Visit your CAL Bank branch.
·        Request and complete the card replacement form.
·        Provide a valid National Photo ID.
·        Collect new card in 5 days.
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