CALNet is our online banking service, offering your business a range of banking services and management of information that is timely, accurate and reliable.

CALNet has been designed to supplement, and improve the operational and financial control of customers’ personal and/or business account(s) either from the comfort of their offices, homes, or elsewhere in the world! 

With CALNet, clients can; 

  • Access account(s) from ANYWHERE in the world 
  • View and verify transactions on account(s) 
  •  Check Balances 
  • Reconcile entries in account with their own records 
  • Print Statements 
  • Download transactions for the month 
  • View & track investments with the bank 
  • Track inflows and outflows 
  • Monitor uncredited and unpresented cheques, and many many more 
  • Download statement of account(s)
  • Transfer funds
  • Order cheque books
  • Stop cheques

It is convenient, fast, safe, and reliable! 

So, what is in it for clients? 
Informed decision-making is based on accurate and timely-information. CALNet puts them in the driver's seat by giving them real-time, up-to-date information about their account(s) at CAL Bank so they can make those critical financial decisions. 

CALNet has been designed with clients in mind. The interface is extremely user-friendly and links them to their CAL account(s) to enable them access account information. This way, they can perform a range of banking activities simply, quickly, and securely. 

Getting CALNet 
To subscribe to CALNet, clients need the following; 

  • An account with CAL Bank 
  • Internet Access, and 
  • A completed CALNet application form

CALNet is available to you anywhere in the world, and on many browsers!. With CALNet, your bank account at CAL Bank is just a click away




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