Verified By VISA

• Verified by Visa is simply an additional layer of security, adding one extra step to the process of transacting business online.
• VbV is easy to use and gives you complete confidence when shopping online.
• Once you’ve signed up, your Visa card will continue to work just as normal and you’ll still be able to use it with retailers who are not yet offering Verified by Visa.
1. Visit website where you wish to shop.
2. Choose what you want to buy online.
3. Go to the checkout page.
4. Enter your Visa card details as usual.
5. Enter your password and click 'submit’.
6. Your identity is confirmed and your purchase is safely completed.
1. To ensure your security, a one-time code is sent to you every time you are ready to check out!
2. You don’t use your current pin to transact business online via VbV, further guarantying security on your card.
3. Enjoy the safest way to shop and make payments online.


  • All users should be encouraged to make transactions on ONLY websites that are VbV compliant.
  • A VbV compliant website will always request that you enter the computer generated code sent to your phone after entering all VISA card details.
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