CAL E-zwich

The E-Zwich is a National Payment System engineered to provide electronic payment platform/services to enhance Banking services to the UNDER-BANKED and UN-BANKED.


  • No Card Issuance Fees.
  • No Quarterly Fees.
  • Cash Withdrawals.
  • Transfer Money.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Top up MTN airtime (credit).
  • Pay utility bills (ECG, DSTV etc.).
  • Cash back Services.
  • Print account balance enquiry.
  • Access account online.
  • Print transactions offline.


  • Provide interoperability between banks for seamless inter bank direct transfers
  • Affordability – transaction costs are minimal for customers through shared costs of infrastructure by Member Banks and the Central Bank.
  • If you lose your card, you do not lose your money. A new card is created and issued with all the relevant balances in the utilized wallets.
  • Biometric fingerprint protection- no one can access the card without one of the fingerprints stored on the card.
  • Convenience, simplicity.

Other Conditions:

  • Complete a simple E-zwich registration form.
  • Attach a valid photo ID (Voter ID, Driver’s License, Passport, National ID or NHIS).
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