CAL Education Plan

 Our CAL Education Plan is a life insurance product designed to secure the future educational needs of your ward regardless of any life-changing events.



·         The minimum and maximum entry ages to sign up for the policy are 18 and 60 years respectively whilst the maximum age to insure someone is 70 years.

·         Minimum cover duration is eight years and maximum is twenty-five years

·         Premium rate is between GH¢ 30 and GH¢ 1,000 per month.



·         Maturity Benefit: At the maturity of the plan, you will enjoy the accumulated funds of the policy as well as interest gained.

·         Graduation benefit: A bonus of 4% of the total premium paid will be added to the accumulated funds at maturity.

·         Partial withdrawal: You will be able to make partial withdrawals of a maximum of 50% of the accumulated funds every year, after the first year of contribution.

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