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Corporate Social Responsibilities


As a bank with a social conscience we believe in being involved in developing the community within which we operate. In so doing CAL Bank has selected specific community activities to which we focus as a bank in helping uplift and providing for.


Our Core Objectives

Our objective is to invest in community development activities that contributes to the overall well being of the society. Under listed are the Bank’s core objectives:

  • To improve the level of education of the underprivileged in society and to contribute to the development of education in Ghana
  • To improve the level of sanity and law enforcement in our communities and to increase environmental awareness
  • To make a positive contribution to the underprivileged by supporting a wide range of health initiatives
  • To develop and promote the known and lesser known sports as a means of fostering social integration
  • To promote and invest in arts and culture in Ghana
  • To address important societal needs
  • To give direct assistance, resources and support to individuals and families in their times of bereavement


What we believe

CAL Bank is very passionate about community involvement activities and we believe in investing and developing the community in which we operate. Since its inception 20 years ago, the Bank has invested in education and health. At CAL Bank, we strongly believe that education and culture are the foundations for social, economic, community development and we aspire to do just that. We also attach special priority to the under priviledged in society – orphans, the vulnerable and other discriminated groups.


Our Focus

The focus for community involvement at CAL Bank is mainly on three main pillars; Education with a special priority for the underprivileged (mainly orphanages); health and culture.



At CAL Bank, we believe education help alleviates poverty and builds a sustainable skilled workforce for the community. We further believe ensuring the underprivileged are well educated and equipped to become useful to the society is a better investment. Thus, the bank’s decision to ensure that major contribution of it community involvement budget is dedicated to supporting and sponsoring our orphan education project.

It is the banks view that orphans once taken care of and nurtured into good citizenship become more socially responsible citizens and an example /role model for others. The banks policy to support orphans views the broader spill-over effect that this action presents.

The Bank has adopted eight orphanages across the country. We support the home in whatever way we find possible aside providing the financial and material assistance. As a bank that encourages hard work, we support the brilliant students through to their tertiary education. Upon completion, they are given an opportunity of internship with the Bank which normally ends in employment. We have contributed to the building of libraries in refugee camps and contributed to the development of numerous educational institutions initiatives.

We also actively sponsor workshops organized to give young people sound financial advice and a secure head start in life; we believe this will build a better and sustainable community and economy as a whole.



Health is the basis upon which life thrives and it is a human right. The provision of healthcare services and infrastructure is another area that we consider important. We have sponsored and supported worthy initiatives in the health services and have participated in public health campaigns. The Bank is really proud to be associated with the construction of a theatre and surgical ward of a children’s hospital in the country and the reconstructive plastic surgery and burns centre at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Annually, we support the under listed health foundations in the delivery of healthcare.

  • Ghana Heart Foundation
  • Ghana National Trust Fund
  • Judith Ellen Awuah Darko Foundation (Breast Cancer)
  • Ghana Blind Union, etc.



CAL Bank sees culture as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our main aim with respect to culture is to preserve, sustain and integrate the regal, traditional and cultural values and practices to accelerate wealth creation and harmony for total national development

Over the years, the Bank has promoted and invested in the arts and culture in Ghana. We believe culture brings people together and we are proud to be in support of cultural activities as it builds unity and fosters good relationships among the Ghanaian people.

CAL Bank has supported the under listed cultural institutions and activities:

  • The Osu Stool
  • Tafo Traditional Council
  • Manhyia Palace
  • Gyase Divisional Council
  • Addae Kesse, etc.


Other CSR Activities

Aside the focus on the three main pillars of CAL Bank’s community development, the Bank supports some sectors that have been outlined below.

  • Sports - To develop and promote the known and lesser known sports as a means of fostering social integration (Ghana Beach Soccer Association, Golf Tournaments, National Cricket Association,
  • General Social Upliftment - To address important societal needs (Rotary Club, Christ the King Catholic Church, Ghana Baptist Convention, University of Ghana Alumni, etc.)
  • Environmental Improvement - To improve the level of sanity and law enforcement in our communities and to increase environmental awareness (E-Crime Project, Tema Community 1 Police Association, Volta River Authority, Weija District Police, etc.)
  • Poverty Relief - To improve the living conditions of the underprivileged, especially the orphans and children in need; and to provide respite for the inmates of the orphanages. More importantly, to make a positive difference in their lives (Tema SOS Village, Village of Hope Orphanage, Egyam Orphanage, Christ Faith Orphanage, Teshie Orphanage, Children in need Orphanage, Osu Childrens Home, Orphanage International,Hold my Hand Foundation, etc.
  • Funerals - To give direct assistance, resources and support to individuals and families in their times of bereavement.




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